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Keep Stonebridge, and the rest of Frome, Tidy

by adamboyden on 10 February, 2015

After a recent complaint from a local resident, I contacted Mendip District Council about several parts of Stonebridge where litter has been accumulating badly and was not being cleared up by Mendip’s street cleansing contractors as regularly or as effectively it should. The area badly littered included the green spaces around the shops on Forest Road and along Stonebridge Drive by the Leisure Centre, as well as the path off Stonebridge Drive to the College playing fields through Laburnham Close, and the banks of the stream between Forest Road and Ashtree Road. I toured the area with the local resident, contacted MDC’s contracts officers, and they asked the contractors to clean the area. I also contacted Frome Town Council and Frome Community College. As it took a week to clear the areas, the resident who complained to me had cleared most of the litter himself by then. I have now arranged to take the MDC officer and the contractors on a tour of the area and I hope to agree the way forward with them, including the frequency and quality of street and open space litter picking, and the number and location of litter bins. If necessary, I am also hoping to help arrange a community litter pick in the area in March in association with Friends of the River Frome and HopeFrome, who have organised litter picks here in previous years. I also contacted Mendip to ask for litter to be cleared along Gypsy Lane between Bath Road and Beaconsfield Way.

Update, Feb 2015: I took Mendip’s contracts officer and The Landscape Group’s neighbourhood manager round the areas affected by litter in Stonebridge. We agreed what needed to be done by contractors to keep the area cleaner on their regular rounds. I look forward to this area being cleaner as a result.

I will keep you updated on this but please let me know if you would like to be involved in the litter pick here and if litter needs attending to elsewhere.

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