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Update to Frome Town Council

by adamboyden on 8 March, 2017

Here’s my update email to Frome Town Councillors this evening, as I could not stay long at the full council meeting:

Dear all,
If I don’t get to the meeting (hope to pop in) here’s an update for you,

At the Equalities Group meeting at Mendip DC today (including with cllrs Des Harris and Damon Hooton), we heard an update from Tracy Aarons (deputy chief exec) on yesterday’s Fair Frome accessibility meeting and await the recommendations of that meeting. On Changing Places, councillors will be doing a consultation in each town to gather more info on what people need and who can help, which we’ll ask town council to help publicise too, and officers will work out some costs. We meet again in early April to review the info gathered. Damon asked whether the S106 for the old Mendip Lodge Hotel redevelopment (£38k) could be utilised as Changing places facilities do attract tourists and other visitors who need them, or does town council have other plans for that?

Mendip DC is also setting up a councillor working group on Climate Change to examine what it can do to act on the Paris Agreement, including whether to join the LGA’s Climate Local initiative, after I asked at full council in December. This is after the town council’s clean energy plan launch in the autumn which I attended.

The Principal of Frome Community College has written to me to formally request that a 20 mph speed restriction on Stonebridge Drive is introduced. He is concerned about the speed of traffic in the vicinity of the school where students enter and exit the campus. This request is supported by a residents’ petition which is gathering names. I understand that to progress this the Town Council would need to formally apply to the County Council to reduce the speed limit – please can you start the process. Currently SCC do not have a speed limit fund, do costs would need to be paid by FTC. I forwarded details to some of you earlier.

The RUH Trust is reviewing its use and funding of birth centres including Frome’s, as the Frome Times tells us. Frome Community Hospital’s matron Hayley Hughes and Frome Medical Practice’s Dr Kingston had not been informed or consulted, so I have asked Ruh Trust to consult them and Frome residents with a meeting in Frome if they want to hear from people who use the centre, and if any changes are being considered, (as they may not be). Can the Town Council respond to the STP consultation and ask to be kept informed of progress on detailed plans. I have suggested to other councillors in Frome that we form a cross party campaign for the local NHS. There is also an NHS working party of (MDC’s Mendip-wide) Scrutiny Board which Damon chairs.

Fromefield Post Office is closing on 5th April due to the postmaster’s ill health. A new location or a buyer will need to be found or the service will end – we await to hear the Post Office and will work with other councillors to see what we can do. How can the town council help?

The Somerset County Council elections are on 4th May, less than 2 months away. How can the Town Council inform people, and encourage people to register to vote, and even encourage public debates between candidates?

Litter picks at Stonebridge and Gypsy Lane at the weekend were good, over 20 people supported these, and we cleared a load of litter.

That’s the main things anyway.

Adam Boyden

Mendip District Councillor, Frome College ward
07809 284817
On 1 Mar 2017, at 15:43, Rebecca Krzyzosiak <> wrote:

Dear All,

Please note that the following meeting is taking place:

Council Meeting
Wednesday 8 March 2017
7.00pm at Rook Lane Chapel, Bath Street, Frome BA11 1DN

The Agenda and Appendices for the meeting can be found here:

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Paul Wynne or myself.

Kind regards


Rebecca Krzyzosiak
Marketing & Communications Administrator
Mayor’s secretary

01373 475576 / 01373 465757

Frome Town Council
5 Palmer Street
BA11 1DS


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