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Constituents views and endorsements

by adamboyden on 13 April, 2017

“It is so reassuring to know that you are actively tackling so many issues that affect us all in Frome. You will always get our vote for the incredible work you do for the town.”, Marilyn, Frome, (April 2017).

“Adam will always listen, investigate, act and report back on any query that comes his way”, Pam, Frome (March 2017).

“Adam is one of the most pro-active councillors I have ever met. His dedication and commitment to helping the local community is exceptional. Whenever I have reported a local issue to him, I know that he will always do his best to sort it out. I would encourage the public to give him their support and backing too; he will work tirelessly on your behalf and always keep you informed.” Veronica and John P, Frome (February 2017).

“Adam has a long history of involvement in local issues. He is a  hard-working and committed local councillor who is passionate about solving the problems that matter most to the people of Frome. His experience makes him well-equipped to speak passionately about the things that impact on those living in the town, whether it be looking to save local bus services,  improvements to the Old Showfield, organising litter picks or getting action to address the poor state of local road surfaces.” David H, Frome (February 2017).

“Adam is a man of integrity and action who gets things done but in the right way. Adam cares passionately about the communities he represents; he is immensely conscientious making himself available to his constituents and always keeping in touch with current issues.” Mr and Mrs H, Frome (February 2017).

“In his role as a Local Councillor Adam Boyden has striven to serve local residents, making a real difference to the local community.  He has dealt effectively with a broad range of issues, from the simple to the strategic. Adam provides regular and informative updates on what is happening and is always ready to help people with problems. He is great to have as a Councillor with his commitment, understanding of issues and consultative approach.” John W, Frome (February 2017).

“Adam Boyden is so committed to the local community with the interests of Frome residents at the heart of everything with which he so voraciously investigates”. Tony P, Frome (February 2017).

“Congratulations to Adam Boyden in his successful campaign during the [Frome Town Council] by-election in College Ward. Adam is one of the hardest working district councillors I know and it will be great to have his enthusiasm and positive approach on the town council. I am sure one of the things he will try and achieve through his contacts is a better relationship with Mendip.” Cllr Mel Usher, leader of the Independents for Frome and Frome Town Council, January 2014, in a Frome Times article: see here.



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