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Housing fit to live in

by adamboyden on 13 April, 2019

Recently I was appalled at a decision by Mendipʼs housing team to end their duty to provide temporary accommodation for a single mother and her two children, after she dared to reject a flat with mould and damp which would exacerbate her childʼs life-threatening condition.

That any council would think a mouldy flat is suitable for a child whose health is at risk from mould is appalling, but officers also ignored medical advice from a specialist nurse, which is completely unacceptable.

We now have to fight to make Mendip take peopleʼs medical conditions seriously in their housing decisions. If re-elected I will take a motion to Mendip District Council’s full council meeting in May to demand (1) the council takes full account of residents’ medical needs, particularly children with life threatening conditions, in all its decisions, and never again overrides medical advice, and (2) that temporary and permanent accommodation in Mendip being allocated to those in social housing need is certified to be of suitable quality for those being asked to live there.

I will also launch a petition to support the motion.

Please get in touch at to get involved and find out how you can help. Thank you.

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