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Thank you!

by adamboyden on 6 May, 2019

Thank you to everyone that voted for us and supported us – Drew Gardner and I have been elected in Frome College ward onto Mendip District Council!

We could not have done it without all the help we had delivering leaflets, hosting posterboards, and the moral support from everyone who wished us well and voted for us.

Drew and I got over 60% of the vote, so we’re doing something right.

Adam BoydenLiberal Democrats785Elected
Carole BullenConservative Party 329
Christine De Pulford Labour Party160
Drew Gardner Liberal Democrats689Elected
Jamie SeviourConservative Party 282
Lucy Shapcott Labour Party149

Elsewhere in Frome, our Damon Hooton and Richard Pinnock in Park ward and Janine Nash in Berkley Down ward were also elected to Mendip!

The full results – counted on an amazing day at the Bath & West Showground – mean we’ve done rather well as the largest party with 22 Liberal Democrat councillors (up 11) of the 47 seats. We can now form an administration with the help of others. There are also 10 Greens (up 7) and 5 Independents, as well as 10 Conservative councillors (down 20). It was a bad result for the Conservatives who lost 20 seats, including the leader of the council and 2 other Cabinet members.

As I said after the count, I hope this is a vindication of working positively and proactively with people across party lines to try and make Frome and Mendip a better place. We have a bigger responsibility to work together to do that now. As Drew said, thank you for putting your faith in us. We ask you to judge us on our deeds not just on our words!

We will be in touch again in a few days with the latest news from the new Mendip District Council. Please let me know if you have any queries or concerns that we can help with.

Best wishes, Adam Boyden Mendip District Councillor, Frome College ward Website: 07809284817
with Drew Gardner, Mendip District Councillor, Frome College ward, email, 07860288624

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