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“Deeds and not words” – Mendip moves forward with Liberal Democrats at the helm

by adamboyden on 22 May, 2019

21st May 2019 – Wells, Frome, Shepton, Glastonbury, Street and villages and rural communities up and down Mendip were engulfed by a remarkable orange political surge as the results came in from the May 2nd local elections.

The new 22-strong Liberal Democrat group now dwarfs all others, with more Councillors than all other political party groups added together on Mendip District Council. The Council, which held its first Full Council meeting on Monday night, looked radically different from the previous Council, with an even number of Conservatives and Greens, as well as almost half as many again Independents.

Newly appointed Council Leader Ros Wyke has pledged to bring in what she called “A new style of Council; more open, more collaborative and more in touch – reflecting the way we all live in and around the district today.”

Ros Wyke added: “I am proud to lead a group of people who are younger, more diverse, and – I’m proud to say – more gender-balanced than ever before. That’s not a comment about identity politics – it’s a clear point, and it’s my strongly held belief that when we bring people with different views and life experiences together to make decisions, we achieve better results for the people we are here to represent.”

Demonstrating the Liberal Democrats’ openness to working across the political parties, at Monday night’s Full Council meeting, two Independents, Cllr. Helen Sprawson-White (Frome Oakfield) and Cllr. Bente Height (Shepton East) were put forward and elected as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Council.

The clear focus for Mendip District Council is the pressing question of how our biggest and most concerning challenge is dealt with; the Climate Emergency. The Liberal Democrats know how important the environment is to the people of Somerset and will work single-mindedly to make sure the Climate Emergency declared earlier this year becomes more than simply a motion adopted in a Council meeting. The Liberal Democrats will work closely with all colleagues, especially those from the Green Party, to make sure that this Council puts our environment, and the future of our children and grandchildren futures, at the very heart of its decision-making.

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