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Thank you – but we need your help to win again

by adamboyden on 27 May, 2019

Thanks everyone so much for helping us win in both the local and European elections! The Lib Dems are back in the business of bringing change nationally and locally.

In the local elections the people of South Somerset trusted us with a much increased majority on South Somerset District Council, meanwhile in Mendip we are forming the first Lib Dem led administration for 16 years, as champions of change.  

Both councils will be more diverse, more inclusive, more climate change ready.

After last night’s elections the Liberal Democrats have more MEPs than Labour and the Conservatives combined! Think about that, think about when we had won the people’s trust with such a positive message, a message to move the country forward, to Demand Better.

Here the South West have two new Lib Dem MEPs in Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood. Overall the results show that the parties who wanted to end the Brexit chaos received more votes than all the ‘No deal Brexit’ parties combined. This is the first time the Liberal party has beaten both the Conservatives and Labour in a national election since 1906. But we need to build on this support now!

With Theresa May being replaced as Prime Minister over the summer, a General Election could be called by the end of the year – so we all need to get ready.

We all deserve so much better than this out of touch and out of ideas Government. Somerton & Frome area was served brilliantly by David Heath over 18 years. My number one commitment  is to be a local champion of change, here in Somerset. You expect me to do my best and I will, but I need your help to win for the people of our constituency, because when we win, the people win!

So the Lib Dems are back in the business of change.  Help us organise the constituency, help us with events, help us work on social media, help us deliver leaflets, help us canvass voters, help us put up poster boards, or make a few telephone calls, 

Would you like to do something right here and right now? The Conservatives may be down but not out. Our local MP has a full ‘war chest’ of donations. We need to raise £10,000 for one specific reason – to support a part time paid organiser. So if you can help today, please click to donate here 

I am now pulling together a willing and able campaign team for the election.. we need a professional resource to be in with a chance of delivering change. 

So today, please help us take the opportunity to make it our time again in Somerton & Frome.  

Together we can win

Together we can get this done 

Together we can build a better fairer more liberal Somerset & Britain 

Thank you,

Adam Boyden

Parliamentary Candidate for Somerton & Frome constituency


Twitter @cllradamboyden

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