Have your say on Mendip’s car parks

by adamboyden on 16 July, 2020

As part of the work of the Mendip Access & Parking Strategy, Mendip District Council wants to ask for your views on parking and access to the major settlements in the district.

We need to understand residents’ and businesses’ needs and desires about what improvements are needed.  Please don’t forget that Mendip’s car parks are still free to use, until 6th August. So please take the survey by replying to the following questions by email to me at cllr.boyden@mendip.gov.uk, and you can also send responses to carparks@mendip.gov.uk directly. 

1. Which Mendip-owned car parks do you use, and are commenting on here?

2. What is your biggest issue of concern (if any) in relation to car parking in Mendip-owned car parks in Frome? (e.g. length of parking permitted, lack of spaces at peak times, charging discrepancies across car parks – please be specific)

3. In terms of high street regeneration, what’s the biggest change that could be made to Mendip-owned car parks to encourage local people to access Frome and support local businesses?

4. What do you think could be done to better support tourists in the district in terms of parking/access? 

5. Thinking more broadly than car parking, how could the Council support more sustainable travel? (e.g. cycle paths, footpaths, public transport). You can also add your ideas onto a Frome map here

6. What infrastructure do you think should be added to Mendip-owned car parks, if any? (e.g. Electric vehicle charging, more disabled parking pays, parent/child parking, Tourist maps, bicycle racks etc.)

7. Do you have any comments on how people using the car parks make payments?

8. Finally, please add any additional ideas and/or concerns you may have:

Please provide any feedback before 31st July 2020, by email to carparks@mendip.gov.uk and cllr.boyden@mendip.gov.uk.

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