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Council meetings

by adamboyden on 24 May, 2022

Dear all, This is not a full newsletter but I just wanted to let you know about a few meetings that you can tune into online if you like. I have had various meetings and briefings about several subject areas the county council manages, but not all yet by any means.

The first meeting of the new Somerset County Council that was elected on May 5th is tomorrow morning from 10am, at the Canalside Conference Centre in Huntworth near Bridgwater. This was moved from County Hall in Taunton because the 110 councillors and supporting officers and public attendees now do not fit in the council chamber there! As the first meeting of the new council this is when the new Chair, Vice-Chair and Leader of the Council are chosen, together with the councillors appointed to Cabinet, and all the committees (and the Chairs and Vice Chairs), as well as councillors appointed to partnership and outside bodies, and a few questions from the public. 

This is a long way from Frome, but you can watch it all online here – (see ‘Full County Council’). The agenda and reports here

Also, yesterday was Mendip District Council’s annual Full Council also, with a similar agenda full of the reappointment of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Cabinet and membership of committees and partnership bodies, statements from the Council and party leaders, and annual reports from committees. This also heard a petition on the future use of the site at Easthill (in item 13, by the Friends of Easthill, to protect the site’s wildlife value, after which councillors agreed to meet the petitioners to agree what further investigations might be needed) and a motion by cllr Barry O’Leary on the cost of living emergency (see ‘Updating’) which was passed unanimously by all parties – you can see the agenda, reports and watch the meeting back here  

A full update will be with you in the next few days. My official email as a Somerset County Councillor is now

Many thanks,
Adam Boyden
Somerset County Councillor for Frome North,
Mendip District Councillor for Frome College ward

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