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February 2017 Newsletter

by adamboyden on 28 February, 2017

Dear All,  please see below a roundup of news from the ward and local area, and updates on what your councils are doing. This has taken some time, so apologies it has been a long time since the last one. Old Showfield improvements to continue Frome Town Council is planning further improvements to the Old […]

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Campaign for Changing Places in Mendip

by adamboyden on 9 February, 2017

Original article (also see update below): I was recently made aware that standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of people with a complex or profound disability who need extra facilities to allow them to use a toilet with dignity. This includes people with physical and learning difficulties, spinal injuries, and people living with […]

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October newsletter

by adamboyden on 21 October, 2016

Dear All,   A quick update – and some questions at the end for you –   Referendum approves Frome’s Neighbourhood Plan: Yesterday the people of Frome voted to back proposals for a new Neighbourhood Plan, with 86% voting in favour and 14% against. A total of 3,631 people voted – a turnout of 17.9% […]

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Selwood Academy propose new 3G pitch

by adamboyden on 16 January, 2015

Selwood Academy propose new 3G pitch Selwood Academy, on Berkley Road, has recently submitted a planning application for the ‘Construction of 3G Artificial Turf Pitch with associated flood lighting ( 8 x 15m columns) and tutor room/changing room, 4m fence around goal areas, 3m fence around all other sides.’ (planning application 2014/0521/FUL). Please see here […]

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Future of Frome Leisure Centre to be decided

by adamboyden on 24 November, 2014

The future of leisure provision in Frome will be decided at a meeting on Monday and I would urge people to go along and find out what will be on offer. Mendip District Council (MDC) announced in late 2013 that it was seeking bids for the leases (or subleases) on the 5 leisure centres in […]

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What have I been doing?

by adamboyden on 17 December, 2013

I have been working on a few things recently, in response to local residents concerns, which you have told me about on the doorstep, on the phone and by email: Flytipping on Gypsy Lane – Public Meeting to be held: Yesterday Mendip District Council’s Enforcement officers agreed to my suggestion to hold a public meeting […]

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Local Open Spaces: feedback from residents: Local residents living around the open space on Brunel Way have asked for new dog waste bins, and litter bins, to help keep this area more free of dog poo and litter, so I will be working to get these installed as soon as possible. Residents are also concerned […]

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Focus: the little playgrounds

by adamboyden on 2 December, 2013

In the summer, Mendip District Council published a Play Strategy that identified a number of little playgrounds around the district as ‘low use’ playgrounds, including at the bottom of Acacia Drive. This means that they should be redesigned as open spaces, with play equipment removed. Mendip agreed to work with local residents to see what […]

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So much going on in Frome

by adamboyden on 28 October, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful… it’s soon #Frome SuperMarket, Artisan, Flea, Farmers & Peoples markets, Sunday 3rd Nov: What do you want to see happen in #Frome? Public consultation begins today on the draft Frome Neighbourhood Plan: ‘Participate #Frome‘ week, to encourage all to have their say and get involved in projects across Frome: […]

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Frome Showfield: improvements one step closer?

by adamboyden on 2 October, 2013

Following previous articles (see bottom of this page), and recent discussions and decisions, I can now give a brief update on the latest situation on the plans to improve Frome’s old Showfield using funds from the Frome Medical Centre’s Section 106 Agreement. Frome Town Council recently applied to Mendip District Council’s Corporate Assets Management Group (CAMG) […]

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Plans are taking shape for the scheme of improvements to the old Showfield. Background: The developers of the new Frome Health Centre are contributing over £40,000 for improvements and enhancements, and an addition sum for outdoor gym equipment, through the ‘Section 106 agreement’ (agreed with Mendip District Council when planning permission was granted in April […]

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Mendip reviews future of Leisure Centres

by adamboyden on 19 March, 2013

A press release from Mendip District Council on 13 March 2013 (see ‘Review of Leisure Centres aims to generate new investment’ stated: “Mendip District Council is to launch a district-wide review of its leisure provision in a bid to encourage investment and provide residents with improved facilities and a new range of leisure activities. At […]

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My letter to Someset Standard, 7 February 2013: “I am pleased to report that, after residents expressed concerns about the security of the old Showfield (to me as one of the ward councillors, and in this paper in January), a meeting was held soon after between officers of Mendip District Council and the Frome & […]

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Improving play areas and green spaces

by adamboyden on 21 January, 2013

Somewhat disappointingly, I have just heard that work on Mendip District Council’s Play Strategy, which will decide how the council will invest in play areas across the district, and which sites it could be transferring to town councils, has been delayed again. This is because it has been decided there needs to be additional work on the audit of […]

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Merlin Theatre funding success

by adamboyden on 11 January, 2013

Merlin Theatre funding success My letter to today’s Somerset Standard, in press 16 January 2013, reads: “I would like to give three cheers to the Merlin Theatre, to congratulate the director, volunteers, staff and trustees on their recent great success in winning Arts Council funding for their programme development work. This is just reward for their […]

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I received this news below from Clare Hein on behalf of Vision For Frome today: There is a public meeting on 4th October, and a questionnaire survey to respond to before then. “Hello to you all Frome Town Council and Vision for Frome wish to hear views from Frome people and others on how the Frome Showfield may be […]

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News and views from other councillors

by adamboyden on 24 August, 2012

I like and would recommend these recent posts from other local councillors: – Inspiring a Generation – Maggy Daniell, Somerset County Councillor, Frome Selwood division:  – Pigeons, pigeons everywhere! – Sam Phripp, Mendip District Councillor, Frome Berkley Down ward: – Lib Dems: the Biggest reform of social care for over 60 years: Damon […]

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Action on Graffiti at Stonebridge, Frome

by adamboyden on 18 May, 2012

I have been busy recently tackling graffiti at and around the shops on Forest Road, Stonebridge. Below is the content of my letters to Frome Times and the Somerset Standard to be published on 22 and 24 May 2012.  Some useful phone numbers and websites are listed below so that people can take action when any new graffiti appears. Letter:  “Dear Sirs, […]

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£1 Billion to tackle youth unemployment

by adamboyden on 5 December, 2011

Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has outlined a £1 billion pound Youth Contract to tackle youth unemployment. The aim is to ensure that all jobless young people are earning or learning again before long-term damage is done. Over three years, the Youth Contract will provide at least 410,000 new work places […]

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