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Old Showfield celebration

by adamboyden on 23 October, 2018

It was wonderful to see hundreds of people out in the sunshine enjoying the Old Showfield at its best on Sunday, for Frome Town Council’s Apple Day celebrations at the newly planted orchard. There were guided tours, apple peeling, apple pressing, training sessions at the outdoor gym, and families and children enjoying the recently repaired playground and resurfaced paths.

An awful lot has happened since Frome Town Council took the former Cheese Show Field over a few years ago. The Old Showfield is really becoming a park to be proud of, the largest green space in the north of Frome and one now owned and managed by the most local and responsive council we have.

All our efforts to get the Old Showfield into Frome Town Council’s hands and make it a ‘park to be proud of’ were well worth it.

(and by ‘our efforts’ I mean those of us at Frome Town Council between 2011 and now, and significant others at Frome Medical Practice, Frome & District Agricultural Society, Mendip District Council, and FROGS). Well done all.

More info on the orchard is at FTC’s website here. ‘How the Old Showfield was won’, and what happened since can be seen here.

Soon there are also the fireworks (run by Frome Rotary clubs) to look forward to here on Saturday 3rd November.



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