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Acheson & Acheson propose expansion at Commerce Park

by adamboyden on 26 February, 2021

The international beauty products developer and manufacturer Acheson & Acheson (which expanded its facility after planning permission was granted in 2016 – see here), proposes to expand again. A leaflet is being delivered to residents on Monday 1st March to explain – see below:

The Operations Director’s email to local councillors adds, ‘Our company develops and manufactures beauty products for internationally recognised brands and is based over five sites, all in close proximity around the Somerset / Wiltshire border. We are one of the largest employers in the local area with 640 employees. Our manufacturing site at Commerce Park was established in 2010 and offers a range of employment opportunities, including a number of highly skilled roles across engineering, manufacturing and technical teams. We are passionate about expanding our operations in the local area to support the local economy and livelihoods, in a sustainable & responsible way. As a result, and to accommodate the continued growth of the company, there is a need for us to expand our facilities at Commerce Park. This proposed extension of around 5,600 sqm to the rear of the building, along with new loading bays adjacent to Imperial Way, will allow us to expand our operations to the local area to support the local economy and livelihoods.

‘We are proposing to submit a planning application in due course to Mendip District Council and would like to share our proposals with you. With this in mind, please find attached a leaflet which provides you with information about our proposals. This leaflet will also be delivered on Monday next week (1 March 2021) to around 150 properties located off Brunel Way, so that local residents and businesses are made aware and have the opportunity to ask us any questions.’.

As explained here, the previous expansion was resisted by residents and the Coalway Lane Residents Association largely because the B1/B2/B8 development was within the zone previously reserved for B1 uses (businesses compatible with a residential area) under conditions 30 and 32 of the original outline planning permission for the Commerce Park, where B2 (general industry) and B8 (warehousing) uses were not allowed ‘in the interests of residential amenity’. However, because it was a new full planning application, these restrictions could no longer apply and the application was determined on its own merits.

As the leaflet states, anyone with questions or comments should email by Wednesday 10 March.

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