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Have your say on the Hawksworth Close play area:

by adamboyden on 26 April, 2021

I have been alerted by local residents that the Hawksworth Close children’s play area (along the footpath from Brunel Way to Forest Road) looks in need of a refresh. Only two sets of swings remain, one for toddlers and one for older children.

It may be possible that Mendip will be able to install some new equipment, and perhaps we need more seating, but what do local residents who use it want to see here, for what ages of children?

Please let me know by email Thanks.


22 Responses

  1. Emma Poole says:

    Good morning, we live in the area of hawksworth close my children would love to see some better equipment in the play area, maybe a slide would be a welcome addition or some sort of climbing frame. It really could do with a upgrade!
    Many thanks
    Emma Poole.

  2. Natalie Mabbutt says:

    I would love for there to be a slide, some picnic benches, and climbing equipment. It’s a good size space and just isn’t at its full potential. A lot of families currently use the swings, but having more in there would absolutely be well used. It would be nice to have a decent park nearer than the hospital.
    Thank you for your consideration in helping.

  3. Shaun mabbutt says:

    It would be great to see more equipment in the park. This side of town we are very limited and there are usually kids playing on the swings and sometimes other awaiting their turn.
    Some benches and possibly an undercover seating area would also be lovely to get out of the sun or rain.

    Another great change for this side of town would be to see a zebra crossing further up the clink road, crossing around the whychelm road, wyville road and Brunel road area is hazardous at the best of times.

  4. Diane Dartnall-Smith says:

    An upgrade of the park would be truly wonderful. Some more equipment such as a see-saw and a slide would be great additions to the swings. We have so many toddlers and young children this end of town that just the two baby swings and two bench swings currently in the park is a long way short of providing suitable options for all the children. A couple of benches would be most welcome too. Thank you for raising the issue and I hope we can look forward to your campaign being successful.

  5. Hayley Sabran says:

    We would love for something to be added to this space, possible a trail on a smaller scale than at welshmill or wooden train for younger ones. A bench inside the play area would be great too.

  6. Emma Higgins says:

    We use this park quite often, to have something suitable for toddlers and younger children would be really good as there isn’t a lot for them to play on this side of town.

  7. Jo Addison says:

    Something aimed at slightly younger children would be great e.g. a small climbing frame would be amazing and also some seating. There are so many young children in this area and it would be great to have something to cater for them. It’s such a waste of space only having the swings in there and it just feels really forgotten and neglected. Thank you for considering this issue!

  8. Jemma Foster says:

    For such a large estate, the area is poor with children’s play equipment. The closest being behind the medical centre which is mainly aimed at teenagers. We definitely need a mix of ages for age 3-12 so a climbing frame/slide would be a brilliant addition. We always have to travel by car to get to a decent play area and I am sure it would be much loved by many on the stonebridge estate.

  9. Jessica says:

    More play equipment would be fantastic here, it would be really enjoyed by so many of the young children in the area, more benches or picnic benches would also be a great addition

  10. Charlene Snelling says:

    We are due to move to the area very soon (Gabrielle close) we have had a wonder around and passed the park area and think it’s great that it’s little as likely won’t become to full but I also think there is more potential with the extra space.
    Definitely think a slide would be beneficial and maybe a roundabout, some sort of climbing frame or a seasaw 😊

  11. Kirstie says:

    We have lived on this estate for all of my twins’ life (they are now 9) and have always wished there was a better park in walking distance of our house (the hospital park is too far for a quick play). Our favourite park is Rode park. Similar climbing apparatus to the one in Rode around the perimeter of the park would be great and provide interest to younger and slightly older children. A couple of benches would also be a welcomed addition.

  12. Louise says:

    Definitely more play equipment for under 5s. The cheese show play area is great for older kids but there isn’t anything suitable for younger ones. A slide that doesn’t involve having to climb a cargo net (or similar) would be great as little ones often can’t get to the top of the slide without being lifted up due to some unrealistic obstacles limiting their independence.

  13. Rebecca Veale says:

    It would be great to have some facilities for toddlers and younger children. A small climbing frame with a slide would be a very welcome addition. The older kids have good facilities at the park near the hospital but there is nothing for younger children on the estate.

  14. Sean says:

    We have just moved to Collett way next to hawksworth park and we have a 4 year old. Would love to see more at the park. Something similar to the park on hillside drive (off new road) would be brilliant.

  15. Grace says:

    This play area is in definite need of an upgrade. It’s a really good space that hasn’t been used well.
    Parks in the local area (show ground) are mainly aimed at older children, so play equipment for smaller children/toddlers would be great.
    As many have mentioned something like a slide, see-saw/rocking horse type thing and climbing frames are all great ideas.
    The play area at beckington village hall and also the play area opposite the key centre are good examples of the types of play equipment (be it smaller options) that would be good to have.

  16. Karen Evans says:

    Great idea. We live very close to the swings and it’s a very popular area with lots of young families and younger teenagers. When we first moved in 20 years ago there was more equipment so a climbing frame, seesaw, slide would be fantastic. There is a bench just outside but a picnic table inside the fenced area would be nice. Thanks

  17. Andy Eyers says:

    It would be good to have more equipment such as a see-saw and a slide would be great additions to the swings. We have so many toddlers and young children this end of town that just the two baby swings and two bench swings currently in the park is a long way short of providing suitable options for all the children. A couple of benches would be useful. Thank you for raising the issue.

  18. adamboyden says:

    Thanks to everyone for your help on this. I have collated everyone’s responses and ideas and have passed them to the Council’s play officer for her to consider. I’ll let you know what happens next. 
    Thank you, Adam 

  19. Bridget Marian May says:

    Dear Adam
    I thank you for your prompt response in this matter since I raised it with you, many of the suggestions put forward by the local people are very good!
    I especially would like access to a slide to be easy for small children as i also have great difficulty lifting my small grandchildren up to access these due to my disability and definitely think it would be great to have a couple of seating areas ( picnic or otherwise) just being able to sit and supervise play is a bonus for the many who have limited mobility/elderly who could enjoy this area with their children/grandchildren

    • adamboyden says:

      Hi Bridget, Thank you for raising this with me. I have been very pleased to see the number and quality of responses from parents and grandparents wanting a better play area for their children. It has been marvellous to see! thanks

  20. Kelly Hollomon-Ley says:

    We live in this estate and use the swings regularly with our 2 year old and 6 year old. But have always wished there was more there as it’s quite a long walk to any other parks suitable for both of them.

    We would love to see a slide there and some climbing equipment. I really like the park at hillside drive and also the younger part of Frome Victoria Park is great as the younger children can independently climb up to the slides. Maybe a wooden trail like at Welshmill would be nice.

    Thank you for looking into this, I know it will make so many children in this area extremely happy.

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