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Councils consult on plans to pedestrianise Berkley Lane and Dark Lane

by adamboyden on 13 August, 2021

Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council are informally consulting on proposals to pedestrianise Berkley Lane and Dark Lane, to the north of Frome, in order to reduce flytipping crime and anti-social activity, and to improve the amenity of the area.

We would like to hear from everyone – local residents, businesses, landowners and others on the proposals. The local consultation survey and further information can be found here: The consultation will last for 4 weeks from Friday 13th August until Sunday 12th September 2021. Please see the official press release here.

“This particular flytipping hotspot has cost the Council and taxpayers considerable amounts of money due to the vast quantities and frequency of fly-tipping clearances. We have seen evidence that when these lanes are closed to vehicles, we can see a reduction in fly tipping of 90% and in a reduction in cost of more than £50,000 annually at this location. Alongside this we see an improved community amenity for local residents to enjoy particularly by making walking, riding and cycling safer and it protects the countryside from unsightly and damaging environmental crime.”

This initial proposal is the result of months of meetings and discussions between Mendip District, Somerset County and Berkley Parish and Frome Town councils, local councillors, the Environment Agency, police and fire service, in a multi agency working group which considered a large number of measures and worked to find an agreeable long term and sustainable solution to the problem of flytipping in this area. The preferred option, which I raised, is for Mendip District Council to apply to the Government for a Pedestrianisation Order to pedestrianise the road under section 249 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, which would retain access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Option A is to pedestrianise Berkley Lane from the edge of The Pines to junction with Dark Lane. Option B would extend this along Dark Lane. The consultation survey allows people to express a preference for each option, and to raise other comments and ideas. Somerset County Council would then support Mendip’s application through a Traffic Regulation Order.

The aim is for officers to present a report to enable Mendip’s Full Council to make a resolution on the matter at its next meeting on 27th September 2021. Should Full Council resolve to apply for a pedestrianisation order, there would be a further public consultation when an application is submitted.

A letter is also being sent to local residents, businesses, and landowners. This is shown below with the maps.

This is all good progress, and for the proposals to go forward, it will be important for Mendip to be able to demonstrate that there is a good level of local support for the proposals – so please respond and have your say here by 12th

Thank you,

Adam Boyden,

with Drew Gardner, Mendip District Councillors (Liberal Democrats), Frome College ward

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  1. Tony Hillier says:

    I belive option B should be implemented. Having walked this area extensively during the lockdown both lanes were reasonably clear of any debris. As soon as the blocks were removed it soon changed. I feel that even with the area pedestrianised the problem will still move further around the other local lanes and gateways or farmers fields which I imagine they have to sort at there expense and time. So it’s still a no win situation. There must be ground available to build a bigger recycling center. Our update the existing one with another on the other side of town.

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