Flooding advice

by adamboyden on 5 January, 2024

After very heavy rains, there are reports of flooded roads and properties in Somerset, including in the Frome area.

Please do not drive through floodwater. Stay up to date with the latest travel updates using our Travel Somerset Twitter or our Roadworks and travel information page. Find out the current status of roads that have Emergency road closure gates.

Dial 999 if flood water is entering your property and you are in danger or if there is a risk to life, and follow the advice of the emergency services.

For advice on any flooding matters, please call the Somerset Council Flood Hotline: 0300 123 2224, choose Option 1 during office hours, option 4 out of hours.

If your home is about to be flooded:
If your area has a flood warning (when flooding is expected) or severe flood warning (when there is a danger to life) or you can see the water approaching your property:

  • Turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies, if it’s safe to do so – do not touch an electrical switch if you are standing in water.
  • Move your family, vehicles, pets and important items to safety, for example upstairs or to higher ground.
  • If you have them, use flood protection products, for example flood barriers or air brick covers.
  • Check on vulnerable neighbours.
  • If you need help and support, contact neighbours or nearby family and friends in the first instance. If your community has them, contact the local Flood Wardens or your Town or Parish Council emergency team.

To report flooding on a road or blocked drains on a road use our report a problem on a road form.

If your property is owned by the Council and has been affected by flooding, please visit our Housing repairs page or you can phone Somerset Council Flood Hotline: 0300 123 2224.

Please see here for more information – https://www.somerset.gov.uk/beaches-ports-and-flooding/flooding-information-and-advice/.

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